Saturday, December 10, 2011

Simple OAuth 2.0 In Qt

I couldn't find any Qt-based OAuth 2.0 implementations, so I made one: Works with Google Docs, but far from complete.

Special thanks to Johan Paul for KQOAuth, his OAuth 1.0 library, which was inspirational for writing O2.


  1. I just stumbled on your blog post here. Nice seeing you working on OAuth 2 for Qt. It's definitely needed! Qt5 has some needs for OAuth and OAuth2. Maybe kQOAuth this O2 can collaborate on this one?

  2. I agree Qt badly needs these modern middleware to stay competitive, like supporting authentication, secure vaults, popular application-level protocols.

    O2 is a stopgap solution, I'd be happy to see it as part of kQOAuth or a more generic Qt authentication framework.

  3. It's used in Steps to log in to Google Fusion Tables. Check out gft.h, gft.cpp, qml/SettingsPage.qml and qml/LoginBrowser.qml.

    But this is from a real application, I don't have any small examples.