Saturday, February 2, 2013

Still Riding The Qt Train?

(Or: Welcome, BB10!)

On popular request, I have finally added some documentation to my OAuth library "O2". Check out the new README here:


  1. GReat thanks, i see you have examples for twitter and facebook.
    do you have a flickr example as well ?


    connect(&flickerAuth, SIGNAL(linkedChanged()), this, SLOT(onLinkedChanged()));
    connect(&flickerAuth, SIGNAL(linkingFailed()), this, SLOT(onLinkingFailed()));
    connect(&flickerAuth, SIGNAL(linkingSucceeded()), this, SLOT(onLinkingSucceeded()));
    connect(&flickerAuth, SIGNAL(openBrowser(QUrl)), this, SLOT(onOpenBrowser(QUrl)));
    connect(&flickerAuth, SIGNAL(closeBrowser()), this, SLOT(onCloseBrowser()));

    and i get the browser all the way up and when i press the autorize on the webpage i open, but it fails on

    O1::onTokenExchangeFinished: oauth_token or oauth_token_secret missing from response
    (i changed the url to go to https because flickr now tells you to )

    ah.. a question.. : did you ever get the flickr part going ? if so do you have some test code i could try please ?


  2. @clogwog Thank you for your comments! It would be great if you could make Flickr work again, patches are most welcome! In the meanwhile, check out -- maybe you are running into the same issue?